The ancient Celtic Spiral Goddess, or Moon Goddess is surrounded by the phases of the moon and a circle of authentic ancient Irish knotwork. She is currently sold on shirts, mugs, and pillows.

The Banshee Apothecary labels were designed for a series of Halloween themed products and required me to create two unique fonts and modify scroll work that I had originally designed for something else.

This is a Celtic Cross that I designed with the intention of being both as iconic, and as unique as possible which is really the goal of most everything I do
"Guarding Heaven's Gate" is a piece of digital artwork sold as art prints
The scroll work and the vintage bicycle are both original designs brought together for an invitation
The lace,ribbon, and gems are all original design elements placed on an original background for this wedding invitation
Five original damask patterns in assorted textures that were used as printable bookmarks in a promotional giveaway

An original lace pattern

A unique, yet iconic spartan helm design sold on all manner of merchandise

The Greek Warrior is an original symbol sold on t-shirts and other merchandise around the world

The mask paired with some other original design elements to create the final product

The complete 3D mask

a little Photoshop magic

A filigree mask I created from bits of my original scroll work

The Raven adorns t-shirts and gift items in a new shop on line called the Crown and Cauldron and reflects elements of their logo

A little bit of fun I designed for a board game

This is a banner designed for an online group to promote my swordsmanship lessons. All elements are original designs, except for the font

This is a skateboard deck designed to get the maximum effect from the space available

This label was designed as a proposal. It was not actually used by Grimm Brothers and this beer does not actually exist. It was quite a fun challenge matching their style.

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